Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nature Part 1 (Echoing Flowers)

Yesterday and today I worked on experimenting with macro photography. I am no expert, but I liked the results. I found that because I shot on a glass table there were some great natural reflections from the flowers that showed up in the images. I called this session "echoing flowers" because I imagine if they were to make noise it would sound like soft echoes off in a distance just like the soft mirror image echo they left on the glass table. I shot these with my Nikon D80 SLR camera and an 18-200mm lens using automatic focus and the macro mode on my camera. I am not finished editing them all for posting, but will share these few for tonight. Hope you enjoy the bright colors and reflections on these photos!

I have decided on a nature theme for my next few blogs. I find that being in tune with nature helps keep things in my life peaceful and light. I hope that you will see some of that shine through in my photography over time. When looking at these flowers they bring thoughts of hope, laughter, smiling, generosity and kindness to my mind. They are an assortment of all my favorite colors and maybe that is why they bring such happy thoughts to me. I love shades of yellow, orange & red. All of those are clearly seen inside these images.

I hope you are inspired to take time to smell some flowers sometime this week. Thank you for reading & viewing my blog on this beautiful evening...more tomorrow!

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