Friday, March 14, 2008

Nature Part 3 (Why Do We Make Wishes?)

WOW...nature is blowing my mind at the moment. I go out thinking I'm going to shoot a great landscape photograph of trees & sky or something and I end up with dandelions! Who would have thought? I've always wondered why the dandelion is a trigger for making wishes. It happens the instant we see one. We're almost born to use them as a tool for wishing. And whenever you put a child near a dandelion you are bound to find them blowing wishes into the air.

Why are they so fascinating? I don't know. I really don't, but they are something special. The texture of the soft ball that we use for wishing is light & feathery...the green stems grow long & high. This first photo was taken by a meadow near my home. I walk there often and it is usually so well maintained I cannot get photo opportunities such as this.

The following three I found interesting b/c the background actually helped isolate the dandelion making it stand out even more.

The white against the green is
just the right contrast to give
the dandelion a "look at me" effect.

I like the curve in the stem
of the last one for some reason.
It's odd how the smallest things draw us in.

I couldn't decide whether to post the color or black and white version of this one so I did both.

I'm hoping you're enjoying our walk through nature. I know I am! My desire is to get you looking at small things in a BIG way. No matter how busy we are each day it is important to take the time to find our own joys and share them with the world. Be happy...the weekend is finally here!!!

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Jen Weaver Photography said...

Heather I really enjoyed this! I like to read you thoughts along with the photos...makes it more interesting!