Monday, March 31, 2008

The WPPI Experience...

Only being there will let you feel what it's really like, but for a little peak inside the world of WPPI read on. I say into the "world" of WPPI because for me it did feel like a whole different world. I mean I think the figure I heard was "over 10,000 photographers" were there! Talk about unreal! I am usually one out of a very few with an SLR in hand at the events I go to, whether in public or semi-private. To see 9 out of every 10 people walking by you with a camera and badge swinging from their neck is just a tad different than the norm. And let me tell you these fellow photographers weren't walking by any means, they were practically running to get to the next lecture, seminar or master class. I kept thinking the first day arrived, "what are they in such a hurry for?" I found out as soon as I attended the open forum of "young guns" that night. I think it started at around 7:30pm and went on and on and on. Seriously. It was way too cool! Young, successful artists sharing the secrets & logic behind their successes! And from that moment on I realized why everybody was rushing around-nobody wanted to miss a thing!

Here are the names of photographers that spoke that night:

Ryan Schembri
Jesh de Rox
Jim Garner
Catherine Hall
Gene Higa
David Jay
Mike Larson
JB & DeEtte Sallee
Jose Villa
Lori Nordstrom
John Solano

I'm sure you can google each of them and find their work. You know I'd love to summarize all the good ideas & thoughts I heard, but basically one motto stood out to me throughout EVERY speaker I heard...and it was TO BE UNIQUE-DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT-STAND OUT & TAKE RISKS!

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Jen Weaver Photography said...

interesting reflections on the event. thanks :)