Monday, April 7, 2008

The Question I'm Asked Daily

Why did you pick a Nikon and not a Canon? Everyday...without fail. Why? I spent months and months researching and asking others what their preference was and why. It didn't help. If Nikon had an edge on one thing, Canon had it on another. For came down to how the camera felt and functioned in my hands. That simple. When I buy my next camera I will go feel them out and choose the same way. I have already had a chance to shoot with the wonderful new Nikon D3 and know I'd be happy with it right from the start...but, I will give Canon a fair shot when shopping. The D3 at the moment can't be beat...with the base sensitivity ISO reaching 6400! Can we say...shoot in darkness with no grain! Yeah!

Seriously...if you're like me and a little uninterested in getting overly technical, but want to know the main differences in these two camera brands take a look at this comparision which is easy to read and follow. Once you think you know all there is to know...go hold the camera, shoot with it and decide for yourself which feels best to you and which functions best in your hands. I say rent it or borrow it first, then buy!

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Jen Weaver Photography said...

The question we get, right? LOL!

Thank goodness my sister had Nikon and I just tested hers and knew i liked it...then it was easy to let George convince me it was the right decision. :)