Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wedding Memories

My dear friends Nydrie and Tony were married last Saturday. I've known them and their families for many years now and was so elated to see them come together in marriage after twelve + years of dating. Congratulations you two! From the ceremony to the reception every detail was carefully planned out and it showed. I loved the beautiful color choices of brown and blue. It was a striking combination.

This couple was so adorable to watch throughout their celebration...they never once stopped smiling! Ear to ear smiles all day long!

Interesting tidbit of husband's birthday was the same day! Happy belated birthday hunny! :) Nydrie and Tony were so sweet to remember my husband's birthday and announce it at the reception. We couldn't believe they did that...too awesome!

This window in the church had my eye almost as much as the stunning bride.
It was truly breathtaking~

The gorgeous triple berry cake. It tasted as great as it looked~

The delicate details made it even more memorable~

The ceremony~

The funnest couple...smiling the whole day I tell you~


Anonymous said...

I like these. I don't know how you did the last one, but it is unique.

Susan (Met you at WPPI)

Heather said...


I received your email about this blog...I am so glad you enjoyed reading it and seeing the photos. I have plenty more I'll share soon.

We had a fabulous time at your wedding-it was so fun & romantic!

Conrgrats again!!! :)

How was the honeymoon?

Jen Weaver Photography said...

you captured some great details!

what a pretty cake!