Thursday, April 17, 2008

Women Photographers Rule!

When I was in Vegas for WPPI I met a few really fun and talented women and I want to share them with you! Women photographers are growing...I hear it's about 51% women & only 49% men nowadays when not too terribly long ago it was virtually ALL MEN. WHOA girls...that's a win-win for us!

Here are the wonderful women I met who happen to be great photographers too. Check out their work when you get the'll be well worth your time.

Natalie Norton was one of them. Her awesome blog also serves as her photography website. It's a great place to visit when you want to feel soothed and hopeful. Her blog is full of positive messages and genuine feelings. It's one of my favorite blog stops during the week. I would describe Natalie's style as being classic and fresh. Natalie lives in Hawaii if you ever need a great portrait & wedding photographer.

Natalie and I actually met on the internet a couple weeks before WPPI when I discovered her blog page on the web through my friend Jen's blogspot. Jen (yet another talented photographer in NJ) posted this blog with two of Natalie's articles in it. This was the the first article. And the second was this one. What a small world!

Emily Smith is another friend I met at WPPI. We hit it off from the start-had a lot in common with each other. Emily's "Keepsake Images" rock! I adore the variety of photos she takes and the edgy style of some of them. Emily happens to be the closest to me; she lives near Death Valley, Ca if you need her services.

Marjolaine of "See through me Photography" is a wonderful portrait photographer. Her work with little ones is what stands out to me. She is originally from Paris, but is currently doing her creative work in Washington. I love the flow of her dreamy website. Marjolaine's style is completely unique and so very, love, love it!

It was great meeting all of you and having that wonderful dinner at almost midnight (remember how long it took us all to find an open place-YIKES) during WPPI! Keep in touch friends!


I'm Natalie. said...

Well look at you little lady! Thanks!

Jen Weaver Photography said...

Heather, you're so sweet. Thanks for being a good friend!

I just wrote a reply on natalie's blog talking about what a small world it really is how strange coincidences I told you took look out for Natalie at the convetion and you ended up having dinner :)

My reply to Natalie is here: