Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dinora Class of '08

I met Dinora on Tuesday afternoon for her senior photo session. Besides having a wonderfully unique name, this senior has an adorable and infectious smile too!
I couldn't wait to take the first shot at our session.
We covered a lot of ground that day and have plenty to show for it.

We went for a variety and I think we did it. I had such a terrible time narrowing these down...just playing-it was soooo fun searching through the awesome mounds of files finding just the right ones for this post. :-)

My Pick of the Day! Of course, since it's the 1st time I've shot somebody wearing their cap & gown. She looks so beautiful here and so HAPPY to be GRADUATING!
Isn't the setting just splendid for this? Chillin out by this cool wall we found. Goodness her hair looks perfect...
and you can't even tell it was cold and windy out.Digging the framing on this one...stylish.Lovely in Vintage! The bricks remind me of school.A different look with a cool vibe!The classy and sophisticated shot of the day with a little extra texture flavor & text on it.
*Post update-
Gigantic THANKS to my dear friend & faithful blog reader Alisha for pointing out a grammatical error on this next photo and post title.
What would I do without my good friends to help me out?
I appreciate you spotting it and letting me know right away.

The original post had Class of 08' instead of Class of '08! OOPS!!! :-)
The softer side of a gorgeous young lady...I so love this shot. Don't you???I am so grateful to Dinora for picking me to take her photographs...thank you girlie!
Good luck in College next year & Happy Graduation!!!


DEREKandLIANNA said...

Wow, such wonderful photos! I really love the last shot of her. I wish I could take photos like that, but I still have a lot of skills to learn.

Michael Palmer said...

Great use of the checker board -

Jennifer Rinaldi said...

Heather - you did so well with her! Wonderful variation on poses and locations. I love the textured one and the writing on it is great.
Fantastic work Heather!

Enigma3 said...

Heather - I agree with Mike - I like the checker board photo best.

Heather said...

Ah...thanks my blog buddies! I appreciate your comments and I bet Dinora does too. I can't wait for her to let me know her top pick!

Dinora, which one is your favorite because that's what matters most?!

Anonymous said...

wow someone besides my two best friends visited my blog! cool! your photos are really nice! thanks for stopping by & noticing my clean room. its making all my hard work cleaning pay off!!

Anonymous said...

hard to pick a best one with these great choices.

Great work!

Anonymous said...

love the last shot the most but they are all great