Monday, June 2, 2008

I'll Admit It...They've Got Me Too!

I can't help it. I have to share my favorite drink with you. I rotate favorites about every 2 years. This years kick is the white mocha, extra hot, non fat, 2 pumps rasberry and whip cream. I go for the grande. I can't finish anything larger than that. I will warn you...this drink is a SWEET drink, but if you like sweet at all you ought to get you one next time you're there.
Last years drink was the chai latte. And the year before that was the caramel macchiato, extra hot, non fat, upside down with no whip. I try not to get more than 1 a week,
but today was a very rare and happy exception!
Comment below and share your favorite drink & coffee shop
(especially if it's one that's not on their regular menu)!
Here's to Mondays!


Jennifer Rinaldi said...

Sometimes I wish I was a coffee drinker because all of this looks so exciting but I HATE coffee...

I know...who hates coffee?? Jen does...

Heather said...

Ha! I never would have guessed. lol There's always tea Jen! & those rotten, nasty 1,000 calorie pastries! :)

Unknown said...

My Favorite Starbucks is Already on There: Java Chip Frappaccinno! Haha (: