Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm Back!!!

WPPI was the place to be last was my first time attending and I was blown away with new ideas and information on wedding & portrait photography. I can't wait to sit down and sort through the piles of information I received and put it to use in my daily work. I knew it would be a week to remember when on the first day I got to Vegas I went to check into the hotel and they were out of the standard rooms...I was upgraded to a suite for the entire trip (photo of my sweet room included above)!

I have to thank my friend Joe for giving me the gift of knowledge about WPPI a few months back. He was such a big help in showing me around and I was able to meet some phenomenal photographers through him and his friend Frank (an orange county Master of Photography). I've included a photo of Joe viewing an Album's Inc. Album up close at one of evening parties.

I wanted to say hello to a friend I met at the convention...hey Nisha! Nisha and I had a lot in common and had a great time looking over everything at the trade show all day on Tuesday. We'll be getting together soon since she's just a hop, skip and jump away in San Francisco. The last photo on here is us at the trade show together...the photo was taken by Hanson Fong himself (Nisha is his studio manager).

I got to speak with Hanson for a while and get some inspiration for wedding photography and specifically was intrigued by his ideas on posing techniques and on striving to photograph people (in particular-women) in a way that flatters them. Simple changes in posing make a huge difference!

There is so much more to share about this exciting I'll be including WPPI tidbits throughout my posts in the coming weeks!

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Jen Weaver Photography said...

I'll be excited to read your tidbits in the coming weeks!