Thursday, May 15, 2008

McKensie's World (Part 3)

Is Mckensie rockin your world yet? I hope so. The versatility of this model is endless. I met her last weekend at her home for this shoot. I called this series "McKensie's World" because she was so comfortable with herself in her own environment that I hardly had to work with her. I just had to make sure I didn't miss the action while she posed! I got to give it to this girl-she was lightning fast when changing her wardrobe.

I've gotten many emails stating how gorgeous she is and about the wonderful scenery in the photos. Every photograph was taken at McKensie's family's home. That made the shoot quite smooth and we were able to finish within three hours. The property included horse stables, orange groves, tennis courts, a custom rock pool with many caves and waterfalls and much, much more! We weren't able to utilize every aspect of this enormous paradise in just 3 hours. I hope I get to work with Mckensie again someday soon. She was a breath of fresh air! Thanks McKensie and Mom Rhonda! It was just too great to describe...I hope you both are loving the preview of our session here on my blog. Photographs are being placed in your gallery on my website as I type!

I have to thank the wonderful Cindy, a local makeup artist who I work with regularly. She not only did McKensie's gorgeous makeup for this shoot, but she assisted me during it too. I really appreciate your help and hard work Cindy! Cindy has over 20 years experience in makeup , styling and hair. She has a creative eye and is a dream to work with. We always have a fun time when working together. If you're in need of an experienced makeup artist and are in Southern California send her an email ( and she'll work her magic on you too! Make sure you mention my name to get the best deal possible.

Okay-on with tonight's edits...I didn't comment on the others because I didn't have a chance, but tonight I'm going to let you know my thoughts on these new ones.

This first one is just phenomenal to me. I missed it the first night when quickly looking through and picking what to edit first. I don't know how that could have happened because this could easily be the very best photograph taken that day. Everything about it amazes me...
her eyes, her lips, the pose and the sheer simplicity of it. When I think of a model...I think of photographs just like this.

This is just a sweet image-one I've already printed out for my portfolio-that's how lovely I think this shot is. Mckensie is caressing her stunning horse Lyle. For not having any eye contact at all-it's captivating. I adored the orange flowery trees in the background during this set.

A bit sultry & it!

Her smile makes this photograph shine!

Personalizing the shoot with her own touches...her pet snake!
You could sense the love between them!
The family's cactus garden served as the perfect background & setting.

Another amazing swimsuit photo...a glamorous edit was added to this to "kick it up a notch".
I love that necklace-it so worked for this look.

Okay-both Cindy and McKensie looked at me like I was nuts when I said we're doing some photos with the giant dinosaur that guards their monster of a pool. I won...and got the shot!
This is my "I always give you at least One Shot Beyond what you're expecting" shot of the day!
I added an old world technique to this and some scratches to really give it some spunk.
This is it-for now...maybe I'll share some more when I get the chance...
thanks again to Mckensie & her family for letting us into her world for a day!
I see a long career ahead for this beautiful young model!


Jen Weaver Photography said...

Heather, omg, these are gorgeous! i love them - you did an amazing job! 1st 2nd and 4th are my faves. Her eyes look amazing in the first one! Fantastic work!

Anonymous said...

I cannot pick which one is best-they are too darn beautiful. You saved the best for last with these!


Elvis O. said...

Stuning series, you did a really great job with this.

Just don't stop with doing that magic.